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Your FAITH must be with a Good Conscience

It is not enough to have Faith. In fact, it is never enough to have just faith, it must be accompanied by some other things like;

  • Works (Faith without works is dead, James 2:26);
  • Love (Faith works by Love, Galatians 5:6);
  • A Good Conscience (Holding Faith, and a good conscience, 1 Timothy 1:19).

My focus today is on the importance of a Good Conscience when you claim to have faith, just so your faith can produce.

What is a Good Conscience? In my definition, it is a conscience that is not dead; it is an alive conscience. The dictionary defines Conscience as “an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.”

We all know when our behavior towards something, or an issue, or another person is wrong or right. We all know what to do. We are not babies anymore who do not know left from right. We therefore either choose not to do what is right because of many other factors we are considering or we want to do that which is right but we are not empowered to or plainly put, some people just don’t know exactly what is right. In all these three categories, we are to ask consistently for grace to live each day; grace to make the right decision each day; grace to act as it becometh Christ each day; grace to please the Father each day in our words, thoughts and deeds toward anyone or anything.

You are to ensure you are growing in your relationship with God on a daily basis- this is the sure way to have and maintain a good conscience. Because His Holy Spirit will reprove you, chastise you and correct you. When your desire is always to please God, your conscience will follow suit and not be seared, but alive and well.

Your conscience has a lot to do with whether your faith will work or not, if it were not so, it wouldn’t make it to the words of life documented in our Bibles.

Let me mention some practical things I’m talking about as regarding good consciences:

  1. Watch your behavior daily. Do not slander anyone else.
  2. Do not wish evil will happen to anyone else or their children or their spouses.
  3. Refuse to be jealous or envious of someone else who seems to have it all together or someone you knew when they had no child and now have children and seem to want to rub it in your face because you are still waiting (by the way, those who wait on God are never put to shame).
  4. Do not encourage your spouse to take bad decisions.
  5. Do not rebel or cause your spouse to rebel against right authority.
  6. Do not murmur or mutter evil words.
  7. Do not continue friendships with people who put ideas you never would have thought about in your head, because you most likely will brood over your discussions afterwards.
  8. Do not insist on a quarrelsome life.
  9. Do not engage in fights.
  10. I have to repeat this again, Never wish anyone else evil.

When you have and maintain a Good Conscience alongside unwavering faith in God, what are some of the benefits?

  1. You are Confident when you pray. There is just a knowing inside of you that God has heard and answered.
  2. You are able to approach God’s throne without any feeling of guilt.
  3. You are able to go with full assurance with your strong reasons to God.
  4. You are able to have a dialogue with God, asking Him questions as to why certain things have not brought you the results you desire.
  5. You are able to live your life without fear. Come what may, you know God has got your back and that when you pray, He is ever ready and present to do your command.

Certainly, our relationship with God is the only thing that can help us have and maintain good consciences. Some of us may still be getting up and falling down in our walk with Christ like babies learning how to walk, but don’t stop! Don’t feel bad and never feel God must be tired of you by now. I struggled to pray everyday and read my Bible at some point in my life (and I can tell you, at those times, you just engage in all kinds of discussions that profit not). At some point, I felt so guilty about how long I had not prayed or studied my Bible that I felt I shouldn’t even bother- God must be unhappy with me by now. I know this has happened or is happening to someone here now, but just go back. Don’t keep running away. Return! He is still the only One able to build you up! Take it one day at a time. If you can’t start by reading a full chapter of the Bible in a day, start with a few verses and let your prayer remain, “Lord, let me always hunger and thirst for you.” If you fall asleep whilst praying, when you wake up, continue from where you stopped. All these things that happen to us are lies of the devil to make us feel unworthy. But refuse to give up in your pursuit of the One that sets your heart on fire!

May God give us deeper understanding in Jesus name! Amen

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