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Through What Lens Are You Looking At Your Fruitfulness Future?

Through What Lens Are You Looking At Your Fruitfulness Future?

Your Vision of what you see is what will happen for you. We humans never doubt what we see, which means that’s what we believe and whatever it is we believe, we are EMPOWERED to become. John 1:12 tells us that as many as received him (they received Him because they believed in Him), to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. You will be given power to become what you believe. If you believe you are a biological mother or father of children, God will empower you to become just that. What lens are you looking at your motherhood or fatherhood future from? It should be through God’s Word- What He says concerning you about your fruitfulness heritage in Him. Ruminate on the Word on your fruitfulness till you have a mental picture that you can’t shake off. Dwell and immerse yourself deep in it till it becomes flesh. Let that mental picture be the reality you see. Be blind to what the doctor has said or what any evil doer has said. Whose report would we believe? That of our LORD!

I have thought severally how it must have been for Abraham and, Sarah especially when God promised a child when Abraham was 75 years old and it took 25 years to become reality! What a wait! I can only imagine what Sarah’s thoughts were in the first year. She must have believed it would be the first year. Certainly, God has spoken it and it should be immediate, right? How must she have felt after the first year passed by, second year, third, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth? The devil would have suggested many alternatives to her (of course like giving her hand maid to Abraham). She must have taken some regrettable steps. She must have despaired. I can only imagine these things.
However, Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief because Abraham was working and running with a mental picture. Every night he saw the stars, Abraham was reminded of the mental picture God showed him of his seed being countless as the starts of heaven (Genesis 15:5-6).

But because the God whom we serve is too faithful to fail, He showed up with Isaac. Because the God we serve can’t become a liar overnight, He showed up with Isaac. Because the God whom we serve doesn’t know how to fail, He showed up with Isaac. Your own Isaac is coming. You may not have a revelation like Abraham did with God telling you like He told Abraham he would become a father, but you have God on the inside of you (Greater is He who lives in me…). You have your Bible (the channel through which God speaks to us one on one). You have those several promises for you in His Word. Always remember that God doesn’t know how to fail and He will come through for you. Choose to see your fruitfulness and ability to have as many children as you’d like from the lens of God’s Word.

Stay Blessed and Fruitful

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