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The State of the Mind

Now let’s check the State of The Mind.

Could the reason you are not carrying your own child yet be because of your heart, your ways, the fruits of your doings?
This means these “doings” have gained depth in the ground that they have grown into a tree and are now bearing fruits. What is the situation in your heart right now? Your thoughts? Your actions? These all matter to God. Everyone may pray for you, but if the condition of your heart and your deeds do not please our Heavenly Father who sees beyond the realm of the seen which we all see, your desires still won’t be granted. God is not a blind promoter. He doesn’t promote you into fruitfulness by mistake. Our God is very intentional. Be very intentional about what goes on in your mind because it will feed your subconscious mind (your heart). Be very intentional about what you do and what you say. Let the fruits of your doings be pleasing to God.I will be specific with our focus today, which is on one area and that’s called ‘Unforgiveness.’ Did you know that Unforgiveness produces physical illnesses? Unforgiveness leads to anger and this anger puts you in flight mode which in turn raises your blood pressure while changing your heart rate. Once these start, other diseases like depression, diabetes, high blood pressure show up.

To Forgive means to stop feeling angry or resentment toward someone for an offense, a flaw or a mistake. Prayers are hindered when you refuse to forgive. Regardless of what the offense is, no matter how painful it is, you need to forgive. It is not an option if you want to get your desires or even want to make heaven. Why will I say regardless of what the offense is? This verse of the Bible “scares” me, Matthew 6:14-15, “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if he forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” This rule is clear and simple enough for anyone to understand and the Word is true. God will NEVER forgive you your sins if you have just one person you haven’t forgiven. Don’t waste your Prayer. Don’t bother praying. Don’t waste your time. He wouldn’t hear. You may be saying, “but you have zero idea what he/she did to me?” I know I have no idea and you may even be reading this right now in annoyance, you may be thinking ‘what in the world is she talking about today, how could she just say it so cheaply, if she were in my shoes she would understand better’, but the scriptures can not be broken.

We were all bunch of sinners who were not deserving of the Father’s love, yet He would come down in human flesh to die for some ungrateful people! Did you know the person you’ve refused to forgive will go before God and if he/she genuinely asks forgiveness, God will forgive? I’m I saying it will be easy? No, and that’s why you are not God. You’d need God to help you get over some things and genuinely let go. You’d need to call upon Him. To forgive someone is a burden too difficult to bear on your own, so depend on the Holy Spirit unreservedly. The journey of your life is so sweet and long that you can’t afford for the weight of unforgiveness to slow you down or deter you from achieving your goals. You desire to hold a baby in your hands, but you hold bitterness against someone or a group of people in your heart, it doesn’t work this way dear one.

Some people claim to have forgiven someone else, but each time they hear the name or see such individuals, their hearts fill up with resentment or you suddenly feel uncomfortable. If you feel this way, you haven’t let go.
The person you refuse to forgive controls you.

Benefits of Forgiving Others

  1. Answers to prayers. Unforgiveness hinders your faith from working like it should.
  2. Peace. When you forgive from the heart, there’s a calmness that comes over your soul.
  3. Joy. You get to be in control again and your joy is restored.
  4. Satan’s access is cut off. Unforgiveness is a work of darkness and wherever darkness is allowed to thrive, satan is lord over there. But when you forgive, you move to a realm where satan cannot remote control your life anymore.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will flood your life as you genuinely open up to Him today and help you let that/those person(s) go and fill you with that peace that passes all human understanding in Jesus name.Your miracle is around the corner. You are a Victor!

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