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The Price Is Not Greater Than God’s Grace

I have a book with the title of the post for today. It was written by Oretha Hagin (of Blessed Memory. She was the wife of Kenneth Hagin Sr). My husband gave me that book while we were still courting and I read it in humility because of the content therein. I didn’t realize how valuable the content of that book and its title will one day be to me as I got married.

One of the sentences in that book was, “we were at the bottom and we had nowhere else to go but up.” I didn’t quote that verbatim. My husband and I faced challenges in certain areas like our finances (even though no one would believe this) and I always remembered those words, and I spoke them back to God that we were down already. There was nowhere else lower than the ground, and God just had to lift us up and up He did lift us.

There were days when it seemed the price of being called into ministry was far greater than the grace available. But thank God because I had that book to learn from the examples of those that had gone ahead of me and succeeded. I knew if I was not going to be able to bear it and come out victorious, then God wouldn’t have put me here in the first place because He is not the author of confusion. I thanked God because I knew if I am the one going through this, it is because I am the one who can survive it and win.

Now, someone may wonder, “but how is this story you’re giving us connecting to Infertility or waiting on God for miracle children?”

I’d like to state that how you handle one aspect of your life affects how you’d handle another.

If God will see you through a challenge in your career or family or finances or education, He will see you through another kind of challenge. Once you are already at the bottom, at your wits’ end, there’s nowhere else to go than to march into Victory; there’s nowhere else to go than Up. If God knew He didn’t put in you the strength to bear it, you won’t be in it. The price you have paid for not having children early enough may have been great, but certainly not greater than the grace of God which is freely available to you. God is working in the midst of the delays so that His name can be glorified and so that He takes all the glory alone. If medical interventions ever work, it is because God has a hand in it. If eating healthy to correct the body ever works, it’s because God has a hand in it. If prayers ever work, it’s because God answers them. Don’t ever feel she doesn’t know how much I hurt that’s why she’s saying the price isn’t greater than God’s grace. I may not have been in that particular situation, but everything in life that causes discomfort isn’t a funny situation regardless of how insignificant it may be to someone else who is not in that situation. I have had my own shares of hurts in other areas, which makes me know hurting of any kind whatsoever is bad and evil. But when you have God, you have victory. Hold on, your testimony of conceiving and carrying through to the end is only a few days away. You can bear it. Don’t crack under pressure.

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