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Stop Being So Forgiving All the Time!

So I saw this “stop being so forgiving of people all the time, they know exactly what they are doing” ( I didn’t quote word for word because dirty language was also used) on someone’s page one day, and I was taken aback. Yes, some people know exactly what they are doing, I agree, but why allow the same person hurt you again and again till the point that you grow and mature in your unforgiveness capability?
It is true you are not a door mat who should allow anyone and anything hurt you and then keep silent. There are many ways people may hurt you, but have you asked God the countless ways we hurt Him day in day out even after we become Born Again?
Have we asked God to know how He feels, whether He wants to forgive us or not because of who we ‘truly are’?


While you ensure you protect yourself from the intentional and unintentional wickedness of people, you are to forgive. While whatever they did may hurt to the bone and there may be no words to even express how you feel, you are to forgive still.
Forgiveness doesn’t mean foolishness to open up yourself again or let your guard down. I’m not asking you to be foolish. But let there be no place in your heart for bitterness.


Forgiveness and Trust are two different things. You can forgive, but you may never trust the person again. Trust takes time to build up, it is not by force to trust. Forgiveness is done in an instant. Let this principle guide you, “If the Immortal God who created me or that other person offending me will forgive me or that person regardless of what pains we’ve caused Him, why do I, a Mortal find it difficult to forgive someone else?”


⁃Don’t forget, you will never be purer than God.
⁃Don’t forget, you will never be holier than God.
⁃Don’t forget, as long as you are in this world, you are mortal and the immortal one even forgives. As a Christian, you should forgive.
Benefits of Forgiving


1. You carry no burden in your heart. Your heart is clear to think and be even more productive


2. Forgiveness benefits you and your health. There are physical sicknesses caused by unforgiveness. I read that of all cancer patients, 61% have forgiveness issues. (Do your own research too)
This following link above shows that this is just one of the several health challenges tied to unforgiveness.


3. Answers to your prayers are UNHINDERED. Unforgiveness delays answers to prayers. It may be the only thing God is waiting for. While this may not be the case everytime, sometimes the delays to our answered prayers is in our hands. Probably, we’ve refused to let someone go from our hearts. We’ve grown in hate and we deny it. We’ve allowed the root of bitterness spring forth in us and it’s yielding fruits already.


What fruits do you think bitterness, Unforgiveness, anger, strife, slander, gossip, envy and every other evil work will bear?


Remember, you’d be the first and primary beneficiary. We so called ‘Christians’ do these things. Let’s check our hearts, check how we stand lest we fall, examine ourselves, rend our hearts to God and ask His help because we don’t have power to live offense free lives by our own selves.


I hope this blesses you like it has blessed me. Please share, repost, copy if it blesses you.


Your ability to conceive and carry a child may only be a forgiveness (forgiving someone who has deeply hurt you) away. Be wise. Take the High Road. YOU KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER!


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