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How Sugar Consumption From Childhood Can Affect Fertility

Our bodies are different. What affects Body A may not affect Body B and vice versa. Even the bodies of blood relatives process things differently. Whilst growing up, I thought sugar was from sugar cane and therefore must be good. However, when focus is given to one constituent of a healthy fruit or food, it can produce drugs that can lead to addiction which may in turn be health damaging. Examples are; Despite the fact that the Coca plant has health benefits and was used by indigenous South Americans to curb appetite, boost energy levels, act as a painkiller and other benefits, extracting and focusing on a constituent of the plant gave birth to Cocaine. Did you also know Heroin is derived from the Poppy plant some of us use its seed in baking?

Even though sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature which our bodies need, focusing on one constituent of this plant and processing it to get sugar may not be too beneficial for us.

When sugar gets into the body (because it is a drug), it excites your brain and because it acts like cocaine, your body craves more till you become addicted to it. Every time you consume sugar, your body releases insulin to stabilize the sugar levels. As soon as insulin finishes its task, blood sugar levels drop which means you’ve just experienced a blood sugar rollercoaster. The hormones that help eggs to mature are chemically similar to insulin. If insulin levels remain consistently high, it lowers the levels of these hormones and will make maturation of eggs to reduce.

How does Sugar Affect Fertility?
1. It leads to Hormonal Imbalance. Hormones help to control almost every physiological process in the body and these include menstrual cycle and reproductive health in general. So when they are not balanced, it may delay conception or even be responsible for recurrent miscarriages. Sugars consumed from childhood that don’t find their way out store up in the body and cause hormonal imbalance.

2. Sugar causes excessive weight gain and difficulty losing the weight. Sugar not used by the body stores up as fat. Studies have shown that losing as little as 5% of body weight can significantly improve chances of getting pregnant. Continually feasting on sugar directly or indirectly will not make this possible. This isn’t just for women only, but men also. Sugar affects men’s reproductive health just like it affects women.

3. It is a contributing factor to PCOS, a type of hormonal imbalance.

Way Out
1. Reduce sugar to the barest minimum or eliminate totally
2. Watch out for foods with hidden sugars in them. Sugars come under different names like high corn fructose syrup, dextrose, sucrose etc
3. Eat more green veggies. Green veggies help alkalize your body keeping your pH at healthy levels. Eating foods that are alkaline forming helps to reduce your consumption of acid-forming foods which cause a host of health issues including infertility.
4. In short, eat clean.

This article is meant to serve as a guide only and for information purpose.

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